Looking for Cheap SEO Services? Read This First (WARNING)

Client hanging head in disappointment after choosing cheap SEO service.

Searching for cheap SEO services may seem like a reasonable task. After all you understand that:

  • You need to attract people to your website to sell your products and services; and
  • Having your website on the first page of Google helps attract a substantial amount of people to your site.

So it makes sense that you need an SEO strategy to achieve this result.

But why should you partner with an SEO agency that is going to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars every month to get these results? You are thinking, there has got to be a cheaper alternative, right?

Well as with any industry, in the SEO field there is lots of competition. Here you will find many companies offering SEO services at varying costs. However not all service providers do things the same way.

Not All SEO Services Are Equal

You are probably aware from the countless emails that get spammed into your inbox on a daily basis. These SEO service providers offer to get you on the first page of Google for peanuts. Some even offer “pay nothing until you get results”.

This all sounds very enticing and you already know that you need first page of Google rankings to land more sales. At such low prices it is almost too hard to resist. 

However, here lies a Huge Risk:

Requesting cheap SEO services from such companies caries with it massive unforeseen costs that most business owners have no idea about. These costs can be both damaging and deadly to your long term business success.

In our experience in this industry we have learned that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. And cheap SEO services are just that – they are “cheap”.

What You Really Get with Cheap SEO Services

In fact when choosing a cheap SEO service provider you are most likely going to get either one of these 2 results:

1. Absolutely Nothing!

This is most often the case with cheap SEO providers. And this has even caused a bad name for the industry with many who have fallen victim to SEO scammers believing that SEO is nothing more than a scam. When it actual fact it is not that SEO is a scam, but that some people use it to create a scam. You see, real SEO takes time to get results. And scammers know this.

An SEO scammer will happily take your money month after month and continue to use the phrase of: “SEO takes time, give it a few more months. The results are coming”.

Unfortunately some business owners fall for this line and continue to pay these scammers for months before they eventually work out that nothing is getting done. They may even think that the SEO provider was doing all they could but that SEO in general doesn’t work for their business.

While this may seem like a total waste of your time and money (which it is!), it is not the worst that could happen. That is compared to the other issue that can happen with cheap seo service providers, which we will cover in the next point.

2. Short Term Gain For Long Term Strain

The other issue with cheap SEO services may be that they service provider does do something. However it is not the right thing.

The money that you save in the short term whilst using cheap SEO services may seem to be significant at the time. Heck you may even see some improved rankings with your website being visible on the first page of Google. But what you are unaware of is how the cheap SEO company is achieving this for you.

Search engine optimisation is the process of using strategies and tactics to improve the ranking of a website in the search engines. However not all tactics that produce results are within Google’s and the other search engines guidelines.

To identify which websites are “not playing by the rules” Google and other search engines update their algorithms frequently throughout the year. The results of these updates can often result in millions of websites being penalised for using non-compliant tactics.

What sort of penalty, you may ask? Well, a penalisation effectively removes your website from the search results.

Just picture this. You have 1st place rankings across tens or even hundreds of search terms today and tomorrow your website is removed from Google’s existence. Say goodbye to all your search volume, because no-one will find you on Google!

And reversing a penalty is not always a quick and easy task. Google penalty recovery services can take large outlays in both cost and time to reverse all the damage done by a “cheap” SEO company.

So sure you may get the initial results you want in the short term for a fraction of the cost of a quality SEO company. However the loss in revenue when your site is removed from Google will surely far outway all savings that were made. This loss of income can even turn a company bankrupt if they were relying on the income produced from the website for cashflow.

The Term “Cheap” Says it All

When it comes down to it the term cheap always implies low quality. Does your company produce low quality products and services? I hope not. Then why promote your company using low quality methods?

Remember SEO is all about creating a positive online reputation for your brand and company. Employing the use of cheap SEO services only proves that you don’t care about your business’s reputation.

Cheap SEO companies will use any tactics to achieve quick results as they believe this is what their clients want. They will mass produce content often with spelling and grammar errors with the belief of quantity over quality. They also use SPAM link building tactics.

Some companies don’t seem to care that they have tonnes of spelling and grammar errors throughout their website. And while these tactics worked in the past, and some still work today, the search engines are getting smarter.

Search engines now favour quality over quantity and can spot duplicate content, poorly written content and SPAM links miles away.

Quality SEO Provides a Substantial ROI

By now you should be reconsidering your initial quoted price on SEO which may be in the thousands per month. But you may be thinking “how can I afford this?”.

Remember that quality SEO actually provides an ROI. Your spend is an investment that is used to grow your business. As mentioned earlier, real SEO campaigns do take time to get results and you may not see the fruits of your investment for a few months down the track. But that is what going into business is all about. Remember all the setup costs to get your business off the ground in the first place?

When you find a quality SEO company that you are comfortable working with, be safe in the knowledge that your ROI will come through. Above all know that you will more than likely be saving over the long term compared to your competitors who chose to go with cheap SEO services. Their loss of ranking could occur with the next Google update.

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