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Simple answer – No.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In essence, SEO is all about optimising your website to rank highly in the search engines (most importantly, Google)  for your target search terms.

As long as people are using search engines to find service providers and various products, there will always be a need to rank at the top. Based on this SEO will not die and is certainly not dead.

It’s funny but this question has continually been asked over the last decade, if not longer. And every time there are those that are saying it is dying or has died. Yet years later SEO has been consistently growing as more and more businesses go online. Not to mention that internet and search engine usage is also constantly growing.

Those who talk about SEO dying are referring to the fact that it has changed over the years. This is true and some of the older techniques that worked in the past, can now actually cause your site to get penalised.

It is important to note however, that only the deceptive tactics are the ones being penalised.

Based on this we can say that blackhat SEO, SEO tricks and shortcuts are dead or at least dying.

Providing high quality content that is relevant to what people are looking for, which is presented on a fast loading and user friendly website has always produced high rankings, and will continue to do so.

As a professional SEO company, this is exactly what we do.

After all Google just wants to give the best set of results for each search. At SEO Sydney Solutions we help show Google that our client’s website is one of, if not the best, and deserves a top position.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essentially work that is performed for a website to get it ranking better in Google for target search terms.

As you know, when someone performs a search on Google, Google returns a set of results. If the search term has commercial intent there can be up to four Ads at the top of the page. Underneath the Ads are what is called the Organic Listings.

Google does a great job of finding the most relevant websites and placing them at the top. But with SEO you can show Google that your website is more relevant than those currently ahead of you.

As you may know, people are lazy and will just click on the top results before scrolling down the page, or clicking into pages two, three or beyond.

Based on this, it is vital to be listed as close to the top as possible. This will ensure people find your website when they search for your target search terms.

The way the organic listings are arranged is determined by Google’s computer algorithm. Google keeps the exact finer details of how this algorithm works very secret. However over time, many tests and experiments have been performed by marketers and published online.

Based on these tests and the limited information released by Google, it has been determined there are over 200 different rankings factors which dictate where a website will rank for any given search.

Out of all 200 ranking factors they all fall into two main categories.

  1. SEO signals that are found on your website.
  2. SEO signals that are found on other websites.

So back to the question of how does SEO work?

First you need to identify what search terms you want your website to rank for.

Next you must optimise your website by adjusting all the SEO triggers on your site based on these target keywords.

This work is known as Onsite SEO. This work includes visual and technical optimisations, adding new content and pages to the website, improving the site loading time, making the site easier to use and more user friendly, etc.

Finally you need to perform SEO work on other websites around the internet. This Offsite SEO part of the process is all about building Trust and Authority for your brand. 

By gaining connections with other relevant and trusted websites you can increase your brand’s trust. However this is the most time consuming part of the process.

Offsite SEO requires time consuming research, manual outreach, quality content writing, link building, sponsored content, Press Releases, business listings and other powerful industry connections.

Overall, SEO takes time and hence in competitive markets, ongoing SEO work is required to achieve desirable rankings.

There are typically two pricing models for SEO services:

(1) First off, you could pay a one-off cost for a set amount of SEO work.
(2) Alternatively you could pay for an ongoing monthly service.

In most Australian markets, the level of competition will require ongoing monthly work to achieve and maintain top Google rankings.

Our experience and research shows you can get monthly SEO services in Australia from around $300 to $5000+ per month. However it’s important to realise that SEO services vary greatly. To understand this you first must consider the following:

SEO is all about gaining rankings for target search terms (keywords). Each business owner will be targeting a different set of keywords, have different business goals and be up against different levels of competition. As such the price for an SEO campaign to gain rankings for their target keywords, based on their competition and their business goals can differ greatly to your situation.

This is the reason the price range varies so much.

In actual fact many larger corporations invest much more heavily in SEO and have dedicated teams completing SEO work costing tens of thousands of dollars per month. At these levels we are talking about very competitive national or international markets. However, the average local small business owner will not require this much work.

At the other end of the spectrum there is an issue related to paying too little.

The reality is that genuine SEO services require time consuming manual work, involving skill and talent. Also there are premium costs from sponsored listings, quality copywriting and outreach campaigns to build brand reputation.

As such, if you pay too little you run into a few risks:

(1) The first risk is that the level of work achieved by your SEO company will not produce your desired results. They simply do not have enough funds to complete the level of work required to outrank your competitors.
(2) Alternatively the questionable “cheap” company will be using automated, deceptive practices. While some of these strategies worked many years ago, now they will certainly lead to a penalty.
(3) Or there is another risk. The dodgy SEO provider simply takes your money and does nothing. Now this is better than getting a penalty, but still a waste of time and money.

At SEO Sydney Solutions we provide real SEO work that follows Google’s guidelines thus avoiding penalty. As such this SEO work does require monthly investment, but you gain returns on this investment through increases in leads and customers. Ultimately our SEO services help you grow your business.

Want to know how much your SEO campaign will cost based on your website and your competition? Request your Free SEO Analysis now to find out.

Experience and research shows that all websites respond differently to SEO work that is performed on them.

There are many variables that affect this. These include the age of your website, what keywords you are trying to rank for, where your website currently ranks for these keywords, the level of competition in your market, if you have had any previous SEO work done in the past, if there are any penalties on your site, etc.

Typically speaking we find that older websites respond to our SEO work quicker than brand new websites.

We also find that within the first 30-60 days we see noticeable rank increases. If you weren’t before, the first thing you should start ranking well for is your company name. But this is only good if people already know you by name. We also get you ranking for generic keywords related to your services in your service areas.

Within the first 90 days you should have multiple first page rankings from our campaign. These first page rankings will be in various positions from #1 – #10.

Over the course of your campaign we drive more and more keywords to Google’s first page results and increase these rank positions to deliver more #1 and Top 3 ranks which generate the most clicks through to your site.

In more competitive markets SEO can take longer to gain those top 3 and #1 ranks. This is where the real return on investment comes for your business. For this reason we ask our clients to be prepared to devote at least 6-12 months to experience our SEO services.

As mentioned noticeable results will be seen in the first 30-60 days and things just get better from there.

As of 2020, the internet has over 1.7 billion websites online. And each website can have any number of different webpages. As such the number of webpages is well into the hundreds of trillions.

To learn about all of these different pages, Google uses crawlers which scan through all of the internet. It is said that it takes the Google crawlers about 4 weeks to completely re-crawl all webpages online. This is the first delay.

Once crawled Google stores each page in it’ index. Then it uses it’s algorithm to decide which search terms it will show this page for, and what ranking it will be given when compared to all other competing webpages.

In Google’s algorithm there are about 200 different ranking signals that it uses to determine where it should rank a webpage for any given search.

In any successful SEO campaign there is work that is completed not just on your site, but on hundreds if not thousands of other websites around the internet. Google needs time to crawl all of these sites where we are doing SEO work for your business website. It puts this new data into its algorithm to see if it should change its ranking position for your website for any given search.

On top of this you are competing with your competitors who have most likely been around for years, and may have held those top 3 rankings for many months or years. For your site we need to prove, over time, that you are more deserving of these top Google rankings than all the other competing webpages.

As such this takes time for Google to process and make adjustments.

This is the unfortunate reality of why Google rankings take time to generate desirable results.

Saying that with our campaigns you will start seeing noticeable results in the first 30-60 days. And the results just get better from there.

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