Improve Online Reputation

Does your business have a good reputation online? Google rewards trustworthy websites with higher rankings. Also customers check online reviews. Set the foundations for a successful online strategy by improving your online reputation.

Your online reputation falls into two main categories. That is what your customers see and what Google sees.

Your Online Reputation According to Your Customers

When a potential customer finds your business online, the first thing they may do is look up some online reviews. Reviews are a great way for a potential customer to get some insights how their experience may go based on previous customers feedback.

To ensure your reputation is looking it's best ensure you ask for feedback from satisfied customers. Many customers will not take the time but the unfortunate thing is that if people have had a bad experience they are much more likely to leave a bad review. Good reviews normally go unspoken, hence why it is good to ask.

If you only have a few reviews left for your business, a negative one can have a large impact. Especially if it the most recent too. In this case try to learn what led to this unhappy customer and see if you can improve your processes or practices to prevent the same thing from happening again. Also try harder than ever to get some positive reviews to bury this one deep below many more recent 5 star reviews.


Your Online Reputation According to Google

Google on the other hand sees all. It's spiders are constantly crawling the internet. They are looking for mentions of your brand and other websites that are connected to yours or promoting your business. Google analyses all of this data in it's algorithm and uses this to determine your online reputation, trust and authority.

For this reason some websites are penalised by association. Maybe somewhere along the lines a website owner tried to "game the system" and beat Google by buying links or using some other risky tactic. Google sees this illegal action and their online reputation is tarnished. Google penalises the site.

In cases where a website has suffered a penalty or simply has low trust, it is important to turn things around. By creating a strategy to build a company's reputation we look for relevant and trustworthy sites to leverage.

How We Improve Your Online Reputation

If your website is not ranking high at the top of Google it is may be that Google deems your site as not having the best online reputation. Our SEO strategies seek to turn this around.

By using the below techniques and others we prove to Google that your business is trusted an authority in your industry. Once Google recognises this it will begin to reward your website with higher rankings, sending more visitors your way.

We also make it easy for your customers to leave positive reviews for your work. All you need to do is provide that A-class service that you are renowned for!

Google & Online Reviews

Does your business have 5 star Google reviews or other online reviews? Customers use reviews to decide who they will partner with. Earn as many as you can to improve your online reputation.

Social Media Connections

Social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram provide exposure for reaching all target audiences. Also these connections are valuable for SEO purposes.

Press Release & Media Mentions

Online PR and Media websites are excellent ways to promote a new business or new service. By using media promotion we build your online reputation and increase your business exposure.

Relevant & Powerful Backlinks

We leverage relevant and powerful websites in your industry to increase your online reputation. When Google sees your website associated with these trusted websites your reputation increases.


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