Client thinking if he needs SEO services.

If you are looking for the answer to the question of “Do I need SEO?” you have come to the right place.

Answer the following 4 questions and you will have a YES or NO answer to your question. Finding the answer of whether you need SEO or not could not be any easier.

  1. Do you sell products or services? YES / NO
  2. Do you have a website that helps you sell your products or services? YES / NO
  3. Do customers in your industry sometimes perform a Google search when looking for a new provider of these products or services? YES / NO
  4. Do you want to sell more products and services? YES / NO

If you answered YES to all of these questions then the simple answer is YES, you do need SEO. It’s that simple!

Of course you may have answered NO for any given question above and that is alright. Some businesses do not generate new customers through search engines. Instead they acquire customers through their own sales force, from existing contracts and from new tenders. For these businesses they may even have a simple website but it is only to maintain an online presence.

For Those Who Need SEO, Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need It


#1 First Page or Nothing

For any given search on Google, over 90% of the time, the user will never click past the first page.

If your website is not showing up on the first page when your customers are looking for your services, your business is simply not being seen. Instead these people will happily click through to a competitors website and often will buy directly from them.

SEO is the process in which work is carried out with the intent of getting a website to rank higher in the search results for targeted search terms. When done properly it puts this business in front of potential customers. This increased exposure will of course put more leads through your sales funnel and ultimately result in more sales.

#2 Google is Smart But Still Needs a Little Help

Google and the other search engines have smart algorithms in place. They are constantly being improved to provide relevant and accurate results for what the user is searching for. While they are highly intelligent, there is also a mass of information available online.

SEO is the process of making strategic changes to your website and how your business is marketed online. This helps Google and the other search engines better understand what your business is all about. With this clearer picture Google will start to rank your website for your targeted search terms related to your industry and service locations.

Without providing these little assistance tweaks in your website marketing, Google may not exactly understand the importance of your website over your competitors and hence will show their site above yours.

#3 Competition Varies

The more competitive your market the more intensive your SEO strategy needs to be.

Conversely if you are the only service provider in your given service area then your SEO strategy does not need to be very intensive at all. However you still should have some basic SEO in place.

In it’s most simplest form your SEO should consist of listing your products, service and your service areas on your website. By also having a well thought out website structure and linking your pages together Google can better understand your site.

Another important part of SEO in the last couple of years has been ensuring your website is mobile friendly.

These are little examples of SEO in place and are really only scratching the surface of all the technical aspects that are involved. Did you know Google’s algorithm uses over 200 ranking signals to rank websites for any given search?

As more and more companies move online, all industries are becoming more competitive. The key here is to get in the game and make a presence before you are left too far behind.

#4 Your Competitors Are Using SEO

If the outcome of your test above was YES however you still believe that you can live without implementing an SEO strategy, listen up. Your competitors are doing it!

There are only a limited number of 1st page rankings for your target keywords and search phrases and your competitors are doing their best to claim those positions in Google. By you not doing anything your website may become less and less relevant in Google’s eyes and your ranking could soon fall to the realms where no users will see it.

#5 Ads (Cost Per Click) Vs Organic Listings (Free Clicks)

There are two ways to get on Google’s first page. Pay for Adwords using Cost Per Click, or pay for an SEO campaign and get FREE clicks.

If you have ever used Adwords you know how quickly your advertising budget can diminish. You literally Pay Per Click. If someone decides to click on your ad, go back, have another think about it, click on your ad again, shut the screen down and repeat. You will pay for each click on your website and may not even get a lead out of it.

Organic listings however are where the Free clicks come from. SEO is all about getting your site ranking in the Organic listings and here people can click on your website as much as they like and you won’t pay a thing for these clicks. For this reason an effective SEO strategy can often provide a much better ROI than paid advertisements.

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