Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most well known website tracking tool. In Australia Google accounts for around 93% of all search engine usage. So using Google Analytics as a tracking tool makes perfect sense, as it provides the most accurate information when referring to the Google search engine.

With Google Analytics installed on your website we can gain very useful insights into how users are coming to and using your site. For instance we can track:

  • – The amount of visitors to your website
  • – How these visitors are interacting with your site
  • – Which devices are being used to access your site. Eg. Desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • – Historical trends of all these insights
  • – And Much more

Also by integrating Google Analytics with Google Search Console we can observe how your website is performing in Google search. This shows us which keywords or search terms your site is ranking for, and which ones contribute to the most clicks and goal conversions.

Learn more about Google Analytics here.

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