Targeted Research & Analysis

Our search engine optimisation service begins with strategic planning. By conducting research and analysis that is targeted to your specific goals, we formulate a highly effective SEO strategy.


Attract Buyers


Improve Conversions


Increase ROI's

Target board with one blue dark on the bullseye and other white darts around that have missed.To guide our plans in the right direction we first work with you to identify your:

  • Service industry
  • Focus products and services
  • Ideal customers or clients
  • Business goals & targets

We use this information to guide our research and analysis over the areas below.

Through this initial planning process we develop and propose an holistic SEO strategy. This strategy is designed to exceed your requirements whilst providing an unbeatable ROI (return on investment).

Market Analysis

Knowing who your ideal clients are is critical. With this knowledge you can be sure to talk more directly to your target market and generate a level or rapport through your websites layout and content. This aids in the sales process and can ultimately help attract and close more clients for your business.

For instance, there can be large variations for the following when we look at different demographics and target markets:

  • What language they use. Eg. Professional and Proper Versus Relaxed and Social.
  • What Websites and Social Media sites they most frequently use.
  • What user experience they expect when searching and buying products and services online.

Through proper market analysis we can effectively plan both your onsite and offsite optimisation strategies.

We also use our advanced market analysis tools to identify trends and discover any marketing opportunities in your target market. Being prepared for seasonal events and market shifts can often lead to massive profit shares for those who are best positioned.

Keyword Research

Effective keyword research is essential. This vital step identifies the exact search terms that your ideal clients are entering into the search engines when looking for your products and services.

In general it is usually a good idea to target a combination of your product or service name and your business or service location. It is also a clever idea to incorporate any industry jargon or slang as these can often reveal untapped opportunities.

The most effective keyword research tool is the Google Keyword planner. This fantastic tool provides the the average monthly volume and how competitive each search term is. It is also very common that search terms with high monthly search volume are the most competitive. And the more competitive a search term, the harder it will be to rank for. All that means is that it will take more time, effort and spend to get high rankings for that search term.

Depending on your business goals we formulate a list of proposed search terms for your SEO strategy. During the execution phase of our SEO service we work toward getting all of your target keywords ranking high on the 1st page of Google. This is where the most traffic is delivered to your website.

Competitor Research

Using specialised research tools we are able analyse what keywords your competitors are targeting. We can then see how well these keywords are performing for your competitors and identify their website traffic sources.

Knowing what your competitors are doing and how they are positioning themselves online provides great insights into planning a successful SEO strategy. The trick is not to straight out copy a competitor. Instead you want to identify what is working well for them, and then improve their strategy and implement it for your own business.

Competitor research provides us with great insights into what is working well in the marketplace and can often provide some hidden opportunities.

Site Analysis

We also analyse your current website for a variety of factors. Not only are we looking at your current structure and layout, but also website content, backlinking and web presence. If your website is working well already it is important not to make any drastic changes that could result in a sudden loss of traffic. Instead we research your current website results and see if they are inline with your business goals and targets.

The best tool to use here is Google’s Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools). This provides vital information on where your website traffic is coming from, what search terms you are ranking for and any site errors and suggested improvements.

By combining all of our research and analysis together we may be able to find a gap in the market where your brand can gain a competitive edge. We then use all of this targeted research to formulate our Holistic SEO Strategy.

Our Targeted Research & Analysis Sets You Up For Success

Dedicated research and analysis is essential for an effective SEO strategy.

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