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Local Business Owners! Are you looking for the following?

Increased Local Exposure


Google 3-Pack Rankings

Local Business Growth

Our local search engine optimisation service provides this and more.

There are essentially 2 types of businesses who gain the most benefit from local SEO. Both of these business types depend on new and repeat business from their local neighbourhood or service area:

Traditional brick and mortar / store-front businesses who rely on people coming into their store to make a purchase.


Local service providers who operate in a localised area. This may be a few suburbs, a regional area or city-wide.


How can Local SEO help Your Business?

When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we are talking about the process of making a website more easily understood by the search engines.

In the case of Australia we only really focus on Google as it is the most heavily used search engine in our country, with over 94% of total search engine usage.

When Google’s users are looking for a local service provider or local store they typically enter their required product or service and a suburb, city or location.

For example if someone was locked out of their house in Bondi Junction they may search for “Locksmith in Bondi Junction”.

Get Ranked in Google’s Local 3-pack

For certain searches on Google you may see a local 3-pack with the standard search results.

Google’s 3 pack contains a map of your location or the location that was searched for and 3 local businesses in that area that offer that product or service. This 3-pack is shown directly underneath Google Adwords and before the 1st Organic listing search result.

With so many businesses in any given area to choose from Google decides to display only 3 business. If you click the “more places” text in the 3-pack you will be shown more business options, but of course not many people click this.

One of the benefits of local SEO is getting your business to show up in the 3-pack for your targeted service area.

Better Organic Ranking for Your Service Area

Not only can local SEO get you ranked in Google’s 3 pack but it also improves your organic ranking for location based keywords.

The strategies of Local SEO in many ways are no different to traditional SEO. The only real difference is a focus on more localised keywords. By using including suburbs, regions or city names in your target keywords we inform Google that these are your service areas.

By focusing on the exact area that you local business services you will increase your exposure to your ideal customers.

When your campaign starts producing the right results you can effectively rank in multiple places on Google’s first page.

Take for example our client “Bondi Junction Mobile Locksmiths”. In the images on this page you can see them ranking 2nd in Google’s 3-pack and also 1st for the Organic listings for the search term “Locksmith in Bondi Junction”.

Achieving multiple positions in Google’s first page proves to your customers that you are a reputable business as Google is ranking you highly in multiple locations.

This provides you with more chances for your prospective customers to click through to your site and contact you. And as these rankings are achieved without the use of Adwords you don’t have to pay every time someone clicks on your listing.

Increase Local Exposure & Get More Customers

When your potential customers search for your products and services in your service area can they find you? If your website is not visible on Google’s first page in the 3-pack or Organic listings when they search you are missing out big time.

With our local SEO service you can position yourself perfectly. With first page of Google rankings for your targeted localised search terms you gain more exposure of your business and brand.

This increased exposure leads to more visitors to your website and eventually customers for your business.

It’s never too late to get competitive in your local market. Don’t let your competitors take all your prospective customers before they find you.

Get in contact with us today to discuss your business goals. We create custom SEO campaigns to suit your specific needs.

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