LinkedIn Advertising Management

Does your company deal in B2B?

Are your ideal clients influential professionals?

Then Linked Advertising may be the perfect opportunity for your lead generation success. Our LinkedIn Advertising Management service helps you:


Attract Professionals


Build Authority


Increase Sales

Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the third largest Social Media website in the world, behind Facebook (#1) and Twitter (#2). However LinkedIn is the most popular place for influential professionals from every industry to meet and connect.

This makes it the perfect place to find your ideal clients when they are in a professional and engaged state.

LinkedIn Ads also offer the option of pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (PPI). Choosing the most cost effective option will depend your campaign, but choosing the right one can reduce your overall spend.

LinkedIn Advertising Benefits

  • Cheaper than Google Adwords
  • Text Ads or Sponsored Updates
  • Pay Per Click or Per Impression
  • Can generate Free shares and social buzz

Target Your Ideal Client By

  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Job Title or Position
  • Seniority

How our LinkedIn Advertising Management Service Works

  • No Setup Fee
  • Set monthly management fee
  • You set your own budget on monthly ad spend
  • Our online advertising experts fully manage your campaign including
    • Create and manage your campaign including ads and landing pages if needed.
    • Use compelling adcopy to entice your clients to click and buy
    • Provide regular reporting on campaign performance
    • Tweak campaign to reduce your monthly ad spend whilst improving or maintaining results.
  • You can scale up or reduce your campaign spend at any time.

Interested? Contact us today for a quote and start generating leads and closing sales with LinkedIn.

Managed LinkedIn Advertising to Generate Professional Business Leads

Our online advertising specialists also help you reduce ad spend whilst improving or maintaining results.

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