Holistic SEO Strategy

During the planning stage of our search engine optimisation service we complete targeted research and analysis. The end goal of this is to formulate an holistic SEO strategy. A strategy that is specifically designed to take your business from where it is now, to where you want it to be.

Once we have our proposed SEO strategy ready we run it past you for approval before moving ahead. Of course our intent is always to achieve superior results and exceed your expectations.


Build Brand Authority


Increase Web Presence


Get More Leads & Sales

What is an Holistic SEO Strategy?

To create a clearer picture of what we are talking about here, let’s break down each term:

Holistic: Treating the whole of something and not just a part or it.

SEO: Process of making changes to a website to enable it to appear near the top of the organic results of an internet search.

Strategy: An action plan designed to achieve a specific goal.

By putting all of these descriptions together we can understand exactly what our Holistic SEO Strategy is all about:

We formulate a plan that is destined to achieve high search engine rankings for your target keyword phrases. However our strategy does not just ensure your site ranks highly for your target keyword phrases. Our plan ensures your online reputation soars ahead in all aspects of what your company does.

We believe SEO is more than just ranking your website for various individual keywords. Everything your website does on your site and all over the web needs to be interlinked and consistent. This is what we mean by taking an holistic approach.

We ensure that Google does not just see your website for a bunch of various keywords, instead we ensure that relevance and consistency is across not just your website but all promotional activity that is connected to your website online.

By taking an holistic approach your site visitors will be more engaged leading to more leads and sales. Also Google and the other search engines will better understand what your website is all about, thus helping your search engine rankings.

Avoid SEO Shortcuts

Taking a holistic approach to SEO is still relatively new in online marketing however with Google’s constantly changing algorithms, such an approach is becoming essential. No longer are shortcut and quick win tactics proving successful.

Furthermore, almost all low quality and dodgy SEO tactics are viewed by Google as manipulating the search engine rankings. This is a big no-no and can easily earn your website a Google penalty. Effectively removing your website from their search results! If you are unfortunate enough to have run into this issue, we can help with our Google penalty removal service.

However prevention is always better than cure. And for that reason it is essential to steer clear of dodgy SEO providers at all costs. Short term savings often turn into huge financial losses when all your search volume disappears over much longer time frames. It can often take many months to recover from such a penalty.

Our Holistic SEO Strategy Goals

  • Target board with one blue dark on the bullseye and other white darts around that have missed.1st Page of Google Rankings for all target search phrases
    • Targeted search phrases for buyer and transactional keywords
  • High conversion rate for site visitors to enquiries, leads and sales.
  • Provide a positive user experience
  • Ensure site is relevant & consistent for your:
    • Business industry
    • Business name
    • Focus products & services.

Our SEO strategy can be broken down into 2 parts:

Onsite Optimisation

  • Positive User Experience – We make sure your site is easy of navigate, read and use in general.
  • Technical SEO – We take care all all the technical stuff like meta tags, meta descriptions, XML sitemaps, robot.txt and more.
  • Quality Content – We ensure that your content is well written, informative, entertaining whilst keeping it optimised for your target keywords at 1-2%. Any higher and you could be seen as over-optimising.
  • Site security – We make sure your sites software stays up to date to avoid malware and virus threats. If your site is hacked Google may remove it from its search engine results as the site is considered dangerous to users.

Offsite Optimisation

  • Build Brand Authority – To get to the top of the search results Google needs to see you as an expert in your field. With our expert copywriters we help build your online reputation across relevant websites to your industry.
  • Effective Link Building – We promote your Company on websites where your target market spend time online. This not only earns you a valuable SEO link that helps improve the rank of your website, but also builds your website traffic from your target market.
  • Remove Negative Links – We remove any negative links that can damage your website ranking or confuse the search engines. Relevance is the key with backlinks. Cheap SEO companies often supply thousands of links from unrelated websites in the hope of increasing your rankings. However this link building tactic is spamming and can lead to penalties.

While we always strive for the best results from our search engine optimisation services, we also make sure to always keep within Google’s guidelines. Buying links, link exchanges and spamming are massive red flags and we never take part in these activities.

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