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Why Your Wesbite Needs 1st Page of Google Rankings

Screen shot of Google search results showing Google Adwords in blue and Organic results in greenWhen your prospective clients are looking for your products and services they go online to perform a search.

In Australia the Google search engine accounts for 94% of all search engine usage. In other words Google dominates the online search market!

The closest competitors are Bing at 3.8% and Yahoo at 1.3%, with the remaining search engines accounting for less than 1%.

Now let’s see what happens when someone searches on Google.

Take a look at a Google search result and note the areas occupied by Paid Advertisements (Google Adwords) as shown in Blue. The remaining results called Organic search results are shown in Green. Each page of Google’s search results contains 10 organic search results.

When we perform Search Engine Optimisation on your Sydney website our goal is to get it ranking in the top organic positions on the first page.

The higher your website ranks in the organic search results the more people will click through to your site. This is what happens on average:

  • 1st Place Organic Search Result – Gets 33% of all clicks. That is 1 in 3 people who perform this search clicking through to that result!
  • 1st Page Organic Search Results – gets 70% of all clicks in total. That includes 1st place (at 33%), 2nd (15%), 3rd (10%) and so on right up to 10th place.

With this knowledge it is easy to see that to be successful online in Sydney and throughout Australia your website needs to rank well on Google.

SEO Sydney Solutions moves your website ranking towards the 1st place position on the first page of Google for your target keyword search phrases. As we move you up the search engine rankings you will notice more website visitors. This results in increased customer enquiries, more quote requests and greater sales.

Also our SEO Sydney strategies work across all Search Engines, not just Google. So while we are achieving first page rankings for you on Google, your ranking results for the other search engines will also improve.

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Expected Delivery Timeframe

Due to the enormous amount of websites online, somewhere in the trillions and growing at astounding rates, it takes time for SEO changes to be recognised by Google. If you have ever had SEO work done before you will understand that SEO results simply take time. But how much time?

Graph of expected growth for an SEO campaign from SEO Sydney Solutions.By viewing this graph you can see that you can typically expect the first noticeable results after a couple of months. However as we are continually working on your site week after week these results soon compound as Google catches up on all of our SEO work.

What happens next is the most significant gains occurring between 3-6 months with continual growth occurring 6-12 months and beyond.

Of course these are average results and depending on your target market you may encounter shorter or longer time frames for improvements in your ranking results.

It is also good to note that the more competitive the market the longer it may take.

But once you near the top of page 1 of Google for a highly competitive keyword, the amount of traffic and leads generated are extremely substantial. And that is when you can start enjoying fantastic ROI’s and the realisation that it was all well worth the investment.

Other Beneficial Results from Our SEO Strategy

As you can see attaining high 1st page rankings on Google is extremely beneficial. This is what drives massive increases in your website traffic. And because we always target buyer keywords for your target market, you will find this results in more leads, higher sale revenues and overall profits.

But you should also be aware that due to our holistic SEO approach your company will also benefit from the following:

  • Greater online exposure across all of the web
  • Increased brand authority
  • Higher online reputation
  • Higher conversion rates

Of course this also adds to your improved SEO rankings and helps build your company name, status and position in the market.

1st Page of Google Rankings Deliver Huge Profits

Move ahead in your market with fantastic results. Request your SEO campaign today and rank higher.

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