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Who We Are

SEO Sydney Solutions is an Australian search engine optimisation company. Based in Sydney we work with local companies to increase their online exposure and drive business growth.

What We Do

As with other quality SEO companies we improve your Google rankings. But we don’t just stop there.

Our unique SEO campaigns focus on delivering more visitors to your website and converting more of these visitors into leads for your business.

While tracking your site’s rankings is a great way to show you how much exposure your business has, our main focus is to deliver your more business for your bottom line.

We track how many phone call leads and contact form enquiries your Organic search engine traffic is generating for your business. This allows us to show you how effective our SEO campaign really is.

We use a range of online marketing services to achieve:


1st page rankings on Google for target keywords


Target high value buyer keywords to increase ROI


Tighten site security and remove malware & spam


Improve conversion rates to turn more visitors into customers


Remove Google penalties to get website back into search results


Build user friendly & search engine optimised websites

How We Do This

Over the years Google has made it very clear they do not like website owners cheating the system and taking shortcuts. For this we reason we pride ourselves on doing things right. We always make sure that our work is of the highest quality.

SEO Sydney Solutions has partnered with highly skilled digital strategists, technical experts, copywriters, web designers and web developers. This large network of talented professionals ensures we always achieve the best possible outcomes for all our clients.

When starting all new SEO client relationships we take our time to identify their exact business goals and priorities. Only then can we tailor an effective campaign, unique for each client to ensure we meet their exact needs and requirements.

Who We Work With

  • Local Businesses
  • Mobile service providers
  • Brick & mortar companies
  • Online Shops and Ecommerce sites
  • Companies looking to improve their business reputation
  • Business owners who want higher sales revenues
  • Companies looking for growth and high market status

Who We Don’t Work With

  • People looking for cheap and dodgy shortcuts
  • Companies who aren’t ready to handle more clients
  • People who lack respect for their clients and business partners
  • Companies who promote negative views, beliefs and attitudes
  • Companies who are not ready for positive change
  • Unreliable and dishonest people
  • Anyone involved in illegal activities

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Utilise our skilled team to achieve your business goals and increase your business revenue.

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